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En anonym gay skriver på pjmedia.com at han stemte for Hillary i primærvalget, og tilhører den liberale fløj, der har domineret twitter og jaget kristne og konservative ind i krogene. Men Orlando har fået ham til at genoverveje. Dette er ikke et spil, det er dødsens alvorlig.

I also now real­ize, with bru­tal clar­ity, that in the pro­gres­sive hier­ar­chy of iden­tity groups, Mus­lims are above gays. Every pun­dit and politi­cian — and that includes Pres­i­dent Obama and Hillary Clin­ton and half the talk­ing heads on TV — who today have said “We don’t know what the shooter’s moti­va­tion could pos­si­bly be!” have revealed to me their true pri­or­i­ties: appeas­ing Mus­lims is more impor­tant than defend­ing the lives of gay peo­ple. Every pro­gres­sive who runs inter­fer­ence for Islamic mur­der­ers is com­plicit in those mur­ders, and I can no longer be a part of that team.

I’m just sick of it. Sick of the hypocrisy. Sick of the pan­der­ing. Sick of the decep­tion.

And you know what makes me angrier still? The fact that I have to hide my iden­tity and remain anony­mous in writ­ing this essay. If I outed myself as a Trump sup­porter, I would be harassed and doxxed and shunned by every­one I know and by the Twit­ter lynch mobs which up until yes­ter­day I myself led.

Der sker noget med folk, når de føler, at deres sikkerhed er truet. Så mister bull­shit sin kraft.

Den anonyme homse siger han ved, at Trump er et røvhul, men Trump er ikke anti-gay, og han kalder en spade for en spade. Det er dét Amerika behøver.



2 svar til “Hvor mange Hillary-tilhængere tænker “I am sick of it” og vil stemme Trump?”

  1. Jonathan Erik siger:

    Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton Started Obama Birther Issue

  2. Jonathan Erik siger:

    Trump is soon going to have a speech on the corruption of the Clinton’s. We now have a taste of what is about to come. Forget Bills’ sex scandals, they will pale in comparison to the utter hell Trump is about to unleash on both Hillary and Bill. The evidence is so overwhelming and well documented that there is almost no way the FBI won’t finally indict Hillary. You can tell from Trump’s last few speeches that he is talking directly to FBI head Comey. Trump knows Comey wants to indict and he is basically telling him that he NEEDS to obey the law! This is going to be a real bloodbath! Remember when he wanted Jeb out of the race and started talking 9/11 and how it MAY have been the Saudis and George Bush may have lied about WMD. Remember when he needed to knock Cruz out and started talking JFK and Cruzs’ father and Harvey Oswald. Trump knows all the dirty little secrets and how and when to start dropping the hints. I’t won’t be hints with the Clintons, it will be bombshells. The truth will finally start to come out!

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