Milo Yiannopoulos er taget i at indrømme at han ikke blot er bøsse, men også en del af det homoseksuelle miljø og oven i købet også en del af den moral, der er ganske almindelig blandt bøsser og er derfor røget ud i en karrieretruende shit-storm. Taget ud af kontekst fra RedStates transcribtion, det mest foruroligende, bøssede om man vil, fra Milo Yiannopoulos mere end et år gamle pod-cast debat, der har bragt ham til et foreløbigt fald: Velkommen til det, man engang og med rette kaldte perversioner.

Yiannopoulos: Of course, of course, and I think the law is probably about right, that’s probably roughly the right age, I think it’s probably about okay, but there are certainly people who are capable of giving consent at a younger age, I certainly consider myself to be one of them. People who are sexually active younger. I think it particularly happens in the gay world, by the way. And in many cases, actually, those relationships with older men — this is one of the reasons I hate the left, this sort of stupid, one-size-fits-all policing of culture, this sort of, this arbitrary —


You know, people are messy and complex, and actually, in the homosexual world particularly, some of those relationships between younger boys and older men, those kind of coming-of-age relationships, the relationships in which those older men help those young boys to discover who they are, and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable — a sort of a rock for when they can’t talk to their parents.


I am grateful for Father Michael. I wouldn’t give nearly such good head if it wasn’t for him.

(…) Pedophilia is not a sexual attraction to someone 13 years old who is sexually mature. (…) Pedophilia is attraction to children who have not reached puberty.

Hele den mere end et år gamle pod-cast debat kan ses her og på RedStates link.

Der har altid været en flydende overgang mellem homofile og pæderaster. Pædofilgruppen var en oprindelig del af Landsforeningen for Bøsser og Lesbiske og blev først ekskluderet i 1985, da registreret partnerskab ellers ville være for svært at sluge for politikerne. Og med sange (også kendt som “børnelokker-lieder”) som “Jeg var bare 13 år (da jeg blev homofil)”, “Drengen Benny skulle i Skole”, “Lokker med slik” og “Spejderdreng”  udbredte bøssekvartetten Schwanzen Sänger Knaben det homofile univers af overgreb til rummelige københavnere. Så der burde ikke være noget kontroversielt over den larmende selverklærede ‘konservative’ troll-artist Milo Yiannopoulos lyster sig usmageligt over pæderasteri.

Der er ingen tvivl om at venstrefløjen kun er forarget over almindelig homo-moral fordi Milo er fjenden. Sargon of Akkad har en glimrende gennemgang af sagen og en hudfeltning af venstrefløjens hykleri, når talen falder på sexuelle perversioner, grænseoverskridende adfærd og pædofili. Komikeren og debattøren Bill Maher var f.eks. ganske forstående overfor et seksuelt forhold mellem en 12-rig dreng og en 38 årige kvindelige lærer: “Raped?… Come on!”. Selv på det bonerte National Review kalder David French Milo for “the perfect foil for social-justice warriors, a living symbol of everything they fight against. His very existence and prominence feed the deception that modern political correctness is the firewall against the worst forms of bigotry.” Cuckservative er vist ordet.


Robert Oscar Lopez beskriver på The Stream, den homoseksuelle svikmølle

It is indeed shocking for someone to state (falsely) that a 13-year-old boy of exceptional maturity may be prepared for sex and might benefit from a relationship with a much older man, even though the age difference guarantees that such interaction would be unequal and probably exploitative. But — and this is a big but: what he said is quite common in gay subculture, almost banal, though both left and right tend to downplay or hide it when they discuss policy matters.

I take seriously his joke about being sexually abused, which certainly fits in with his overall pattern of behavior. Many boys abused by older gay men are told this litany of rationalizations: This is who you are, you must be true to yourself, keep breathing and it will stop hurting, you will learn to like this, why fight this, it was you who wanted this, don’t you remember, you asked me to show you, nobody will believe you now that you’ve done it already so just settle in with the gay community for the long haul. Once the molester has conquered you he will likely throw you away, but the gay community will protect its own at all costs, and will crush you ruthlessly if you tell the truth to the world at large.

In a society soaked in porn where sexual orientation is discussed openly in front of small children, there will certainly be 12- and 13-year-olds who think they want sex and think they are ready for it. When we discuss “gay identity” with 6th graders, which is very common, what are we discussing? We are talking about sexual acts. Perhaps people need to stand up and resist the Human Rights Campaign’s recent push to force such curricula on elementary and middle schools.

The gay adults who often oversee such youth clubs like to project their own highly edited memories of growing up on young people (remember the “It Gets Better” series?). It is naive to think that you can encourage a 7th grader to identify as gay and then be shocked when he has sex with a man. Given the shortage of gay-identified boys within his age range, he will probably be initiated by an older man and then fall in with increasingly older men until he’s now 15 and sleeping with 45-year-olds.

Coddling the LGBT Lobby

Does this sound ghastly and unthinkable? Everything that society has done, nodding along with the preposterous notions of the LGBT lobby out of timidity or out of gullibility, has created this horror. If you say people are “born gay,” you imply that people have sexual desires from birth and a destiny that demands they initiate themselves into sex. The actual mechanics of sodomy are traumatic — painful, unhygienic, even humiliatingly awkward — but society refuses to speak honestly about it even as they want kids to know about homosexuality. So the boy’s most reliable source for knowledge about how to navigate this activity will be the older men who are sodomizing him.

Og Ryan Sorba talte sidste år undercover med selverklærede bøsser i deres eget eget miljø

Many do not adequately understand the issue of homosexuality.

Recently, I went undercover and asked individuals who identify as gay the following question:

“Do you believe being gay is strictly genetic?”

What I found was shocking. I learned that many attribute their own sexual orientation to molestation.

After finding out just how many gays claim they are gay because they were molested, I decided to change my script, in an attempt to try to figure out who was doing the molesting.

What I found was nothing less than horrific. I interviewed individuals at an average gay bar on an average night. I discovered that I was literally surrounded by child molesters and victims of molestation.

I also learned that old men aren’t the only one’s doing the molesting.

Woefully, I learned that after being molested by an older man, many children and teens will teach their friends what they learned from the molester.

As you will see in this video I learned just how many teen child molesters there are and how many children are molesting other children, in their neighborhoods and at their schools.

The content of this video is explicit, but also necessary. Parents and teachers need to be warned. Not everyone who identifies as gay is a child molester, but many who do identify as gay were molested. Many of the children and teens will go on to teach other kids their own age and younger what they learned from the molester.

Parents be on guard. If you know and child or teenager who has developed same-sex attraction, let this footage be a warning to you. It is a red flag that the child has been molested, by an adult, a teenager, or another child.

I would like to end with a plea to the Supreme Court. If you do not already know and understand what I am about to show you, then I would urge you to practice judicial restraint and uphold the will of more than fifty million American voters and millenia of human experience. America needs more time to fully understand this issue, it’s causes and its consequences.


Homoseksuelle har i øvrigt en øget tendens til selvmord.


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  1. The Lying Press siger:

    Man fornemmer tydeligt skribentens afsky for homoseksuelle. Skribenten må jo håbe at dennes børn ikke er/bliver homoseksuelle for så ville de jo sikkert være ofre for seksuelt misbrug, hvilket er blot ét af mange bizzare “synspunkter” som præsenteres i dette skrift som forsøger at associere homoseksualitet med pædofili. Jeg synes efterhånden at niveauet på Document.dk er noget svingende.

    • Kim S. siger:

      Enig. Kronikken starter egentlig sobert nok, men kører hurtigt helt af sporet. Man kunne sikkert nemt frembringe samme “statistiske” grundlag, hvis man gik undercover i SM-miljøet eller andre subkulturer og udsatte sine optagelser for en aggressiv sortering. For fanden, man kunne sikkert sortere sig frem til noget virkeligt skandaløst, hvis man gik undercover i frimærkeklubber eller forsamlinger af pensionerede bibliotekarer.

      Skribenten burde have holdt sig til det åbenlyse hykleri. Der er jo nok at tage af. Et afsnit om hvordan Hollywood og pressen lefler for Woody Allen og Roman Polanski f.eks.

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