Kopierede/fra hoften

Dennis Prager, talkshow-vært, tidligere Trumpkritiker; Foto: World Magazine

Det amerikanske præsidentvalg blev historisk af flere årsager. Aldrig har så mange stemt, og selvom Trump-vælgere frames som skydegale konspirationsteorikere, så er sandheden at Trump fik 72.000.000 stemmer – flere end Barack Obama i 2008/2012, der rutinemæssigt blev portrætteret som en folkekær leder med stor legitimitet.

Det er dog korrekt, at USA er delt. Det er problematisk af flere årsager, men ’splittelse’ er nødvendig – uden det, ville ‘liberals/left’ slet ikke møde modstand. Altså, sådan rigtigt, og ikke bare i Jakob Ellemann’sk forstand. Dennis Prager har nogle interessante pointer omkring valget. Fra Townhall – Thoughts in a Dark Time.

“… Half this country believes, with good reason, that if Democratic Party officials believe they can get away with cheating, they will do so. … For four years, they have been telling the nation and telling one another that President Donald Trump is a dictator, a fascist and a white supremacist. Therefore, if a leftist considers himself a moral individual and works in tabulating election results, and he can help prevent the reelection of a white supremacist fascist dictator, wouldn’t he do so? Wouldn’t he be morally obligated to do so?

… The mainstream media is now perceived as fraudulent by half of America. This has never been the case. But from The New York Times’ mendacious claim that America’s true founding was in 1619 and was founded in order to preserve slavery — for which the equally dishonest Pulitzer Prize committee awarded the paper a Pulitzer Prize — to the entire mainstream press’s ignoring of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, only left-wing Americans now believe the mainstream media.

… That is one reason the tech companies shut down conservative voices. The more people hear non-left ideas, the more they gravitate away from the left. As a result, for the first time in American history, free speech is seriously threatened– not by government, but by private companies.

… The Democratic Party was once liberal. It is now leftist. And the left, everywhere in the world, suppresses dissent wherever it takes over — from Lenin to the modern American university to Twitter and the rest of Big Tech.

… Liberals loved America. The left loathes it. Therefore, since the left governs American education, America-hatred dominates the education system from kindergarten to graduate school. You are risking the poisoning of your children’s minds, souls and consciences by sending them to most American schools and nearly all American colleges. Don’t. Home-school, or find a school that teaches rather than indoctrinates.

Those who can work from home are far more likely to support lockdowns than those who cannot work from home. As a rule, the former are more likely to be Democrats and more likely to be wealthier than the latter.

… All over the country, stores in big cities were boarded up solely to protect themselves from left-wing rioters should Trump have won. When Biden was declared the winner, the boards came down. Because everyone knows that conservatives don’t riot.

“Would I like Donald Trump to have Mitt Romney’s temperament, or for that matter Barack Obama’s temperament? Yeah. So what? I would like a whole host of things. People are packages. What a president does is more important to me than a president’s demeanor. He is so much better a president than Mitt Romney would’ve made. Mitt Romney would’ve awakened every day to read The New York Times editorial page to see how he’s covered. (Dennis Prager, 2018)