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Den Norske Nobelkomite udpeges politisk af Stortinget, og man kan vanskeligt modtage den eftertragtede fredspris, hvis ikke man er globalist og bifalder ‘liberal internationalism’. I den verden er kommunisten Gorbachev en helt, i modsætning til republikaneren Reagan. Demokraten Barack Obama er værdig per defintion, og Trump først den dag helvedet fryser til is. Kommentar af Mary Kay Linge hos New York Post – Why Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing — and Trump never will for anything.

“President Barack Obama’s first act as a Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2009 — nine months after he took the oath of office — was to try to wriggle out of accepting it.

‘The morning the prize was announced, his staff investigated whether anyone had failed to travel to Oslo to receive their prize,’ writes Nobel insider Geir Lundestad in ‘The World’s Most Prestigious Prize’ (Oxford), out this month.

Apparently, the president was among the 61 percent of Americans who believed he didn’t deserve it.

‘It is true, Obama did not do much before winning,” Lundestad, 74, a member of Norway’s Nobel Committee until 2014, told The Post. ‘But he represented the ideals of the committee. And when we have an American president who supports that message, we like to strengthen him.’

Obama’s advisers soon decided the honor could not be refused. But as ridicule rained down on the committee for handing a peacemaker’s award to a man who was ordering drone strikes on civilians overseas, the White House grew increasingly hesitant, dithering for weeks over how much of the traditional three-day awards gala he would attend.

In the end, Obama stayed just long enough to deliver an acceptance speech that tried to justify the wars he was waging in Iraq and Afghanistan…

Three of the four prize-winning American presidents have been Democrats: Obama, Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter. The sole Republican is Theodore Roosevelt, who won it in 1906 as a progressive whose outlook bears little resemblance to that of today’s GOP.

Almost all of the other US honorees — such as Al Gore, Martin Luther King Jr. and anti-nuclear activist Linus Pauling — have been on the left end of our political spectrum. …

Ronald Reagan was pointedly snubbed in 1990 when the Soviet Union’s Mikhail Gorbachev won a solo Peace Prize for ending the Cold War.

‘Gorbachev was not a true democrat, obviously,’ Lundestad said — making him one of the committee’s most controversial picks. But Reagan’s peace-through-strength policies were so unpopular in Norway that a Nobel for him was unthinkable.

President Trump has been nominated for the prize by two Norwegian legislators — valid nominators, under committee rules — for his peace overtures to North Korea. But his ‘America First’ ideology and aversion to globalism make him an equally unlikely candidate. “

Lad os for egen del tilføje en anden interessant detalj: Barack Obama fik aldrig den officielle Fredspris-diplomap. Grunden var at han og hans team aldrig ble enig med sig selv om “Hussein” skulle være med. Det skriver Lundestad i sin erindringsbog der kom for nogle år siden. Red.