EU vil at Hellas skal gjøre mer for å ta imot migrantene og ikke bare ekspedere dem nordover. Følgelig skal Hellas bygge fem akuttmottak på øyene som ligger nærmest Tyrkia.Men de gjør det uten å spørre lokalbefolkningen.

På øya Kos, hvor det bor 30.000 mennesker, bygges et asylmottak i en nedlagt militærleir som kan huse 6.000 migranter. Søndag protesterte 1.000 lokale. De fykter fremtiden, de frykter for turistnæringen, som øya er helt avhengig av, og de frykter for sine barns trygghet.

“There are only 30,000 people on Kos yet the government wants to build a migrant centre with a capacity of 6,000 people. Most of them will be young men. We don’t want them here. Their attitude to women is very different to ours. And I worry that there will be jihadists among them.”

Manolis Chatzigiakoumis, 29, who lets out apartments to tourists in the summer, said his bookings were down drastically and blamed the half-built facility for deterring visitors from northern Europe.

“I have just one booking for July and seven in August. Normally at this time of year I would be completely booked out.”


Foto: Politi bruker gass mot den innfødte befolkningen på Kos som ikke vil ha 6.000 migranter i nabolaget. Hvor er EU og hvor er Athen?

“This is not about racism, it is about the security of our homes and our children. At the moment the kids can walk to school on their own and walk to each others’ houses but we worry that that will all change,” said Anna Karagiannis Chatzisevastou, 36, a mother of five.

Folk tror ikke lenger på det myndighetene sier. Offisielt skal migrantene kun være 48 timer i mottaket. Det er det ingen som tror på. De vet at det ikke står land klar til å ta dem imot. Hvor skal de ta veien?


“We do feel very sorry for the refugees but we also worry about terrorism. Greeks are a very hospitable people but this situation has made us feel afraid. The country is already in a horrible economic crisis. It cannot cope.”

Islanders do not believe the assurances of the Greek authorities that migrants will spend no more than 48 hours on the island before being sent by ship to Athens.

“I think they could be here for months. Who is going to take them – France? England? Nobody wants them,” said Alex, 42, a tourism manager who declined to give his surname.

EU skyver bare problemene fra seg.