Forrige lørdag gæstede uforlignelige Mark Steyn København, og holdt en afsluttende 49 minutter lange tale i Landstingssalen på Christiansborg. Talen kan ses på Youtube, og det kan kun anbefales.

“… I can tell you what a thrill it is. Just a few years ago you had to be in this much danger, you had to go to the sunni-triangle or Helmand province, now you can just go to Copenhagen.”


“The television show South Park had a very mild Muhammed joke in it. In fact they had a joke about not showing Muhammed – thats another of the changes now. Its not that you can’t make a joke showing Muhammed, you can’t make a joke about not showing Muhammed.”


“She thought that making a joke about Muhammed, was like making a joke about Mormon underwear. Everybody will found it hilarious. Instead she found out that people are far more sensitive about Muhammed, than they are about Mormon underwear…”


“… I have to say, that their is no greater betrayal of western inheritance, that the words president Obama used in United Nations three years ago.”


“… we managed to insult them in death, as Douglas was talking about. We demonstrated how much we value free speech by having a hashtag, and carrying a pencil, and none of those people who seized on ‘Je suis Charlie’ cause de jour from Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande to George Clooney, he waved a pencil. Dame Helen Mirren from the artier end of the british filmindustry she wore a little pencil decorative brosche – thats how much that she was Charlie. … Thousands in the streets of Paris, the millions across the internet none of them were villing to do the one thing that would have mattered and show the reason why they died.”


“The cowardly and evasive support the world showed this january, I think it was a very clear message to working cartoonists and writers in the limits of global solidarity for free speech, and what its likely to go on next time: Oh, oh, don’t worry. We’ll be sad when you die too. Maybe maybe maybe, not quite as sad as Charlie Hebdo, because like, been there done that, but don’t worry we will still be a little bit sad.”


“Security has effektively become the new shut-up… Security grounds are the new shut-up, and that is why this issue has to be won before there’s nothing left to win.”


“… but when a few brave people, like Lars Hedegaard and other actually point out that the emperor has no clothes, that the emperor of multiculturalism stands entirely naked, people don’t thank the little boy for pointing him out, they club him to a pulp, they don’t wonna hear from him. They have no desire for the little boy to speak up. That is why, whats going on with the refugee crisis, is like a perverse inversion of the Emperors New Clothes. … We have entirely inverted the basic principle of Hans Christian Andersens story, and we know punish every little boy that point out that our rulers have no clothes.”


“Shortly after the cartoon crisis I had the honour of meeting president Bush in The Oval Office. And I know that people think, that president Bush nok are the most articulate of american leaders, he didn’t have the sophisticated wit of Monsieur Sarkozy for exsample. So people have mixed views about president Bush, but I asked him about these islamic provocations, and he said a marvelous line to me, that he wasn’t really interessted in trying to worry what upset muslims. He said ‘Its always something. If its not the Crusades, then its the cartoons.’ And I thought that it was a terrific line and that it actually should be on a bumpersticker because it capsulates entirely Islams lack of proportion in its response. It doesn’t matter what you do…”


“… the reason it has been a disastrous ten years, its because we utterly failed”


“A guy who died 1300 years ago, he’s not in the witness protection program. Its Lars who’s in the witness protection program, but nobody in the rotten media here pixelate his face. We pixelate some bloke who died in the seventh century.”


“And even when they all wound up dead because the New York Times, London Times, Le Monde haven’t had the courage to show those cartoons ten years ago, and then placed the burden om Charlie Hebdo. Even when they are lying in a pool of blood in their offices of Paris, all the bigfoot media went on and made the same mistakes all over again: They wouldn’t show us the Charlie Hebdo covers. As Douglas said, these are people who congratulate themselves, its an industry that gives themselves awards back in full for bravery and courage, courage and bravery, all the time. Far more than soldiers and firemen do. Soldiers and firemen don’t hold award nights giving themselves – ‘You incredibly brave, you singlehandedly challenged the Taliban machinegun nest’, they don’t hold award nights for themselves, the way the media do. When they had one opportunity to show bravery they failed ten years ago, and they failed again in january…”


“Our approch now is not to win the debate, but to ensure the debate not taking place, because we don’t want all this unpleasant terorism.”


“A nation… way out of the perifery of the horizon somewhere up near the arctic circle.”


“The cartoon crisis confirmed to our enemies, that we dont really believe in our selves anymore. That we don’t defend our core liberties, and that you can steal them from us, one little bit at a time. A cartoon is a small thing, its not the decline and fall of the Roman Empire… A joke is an important signifier of a society. A joke is a small thing, but its part of the societal glue…”


“The head of jokes at the Metropolitan Police in London will determine whether its illegal for people to see this joke. They might be laughing at the wrong joke.”


“You should just say: Look we are in a free society, and we dont regulate jokes. You wanna live somewhere where they regulate jokes, go to Zimbabwe where its illegal, there’s so many jokes about Mugabes penis falling of due to syphilis, and it being placed by a rubberdick made by the chinese. They pasted a law saying: ‘You cant make a joke about Mugabe having a chinesemade rubberpenis’.”


“In free societies we do not regulate jokes. If you dont like the joke, fine! But if you wanna get upset about it… grow up, get a life, as president Bush said, if its not the Crusades, its the cartoons.”


“The veil is descending on us, and we are staggered around like a batterede wife trying to persuade ourselves that the person slugging us in the kisser means well and is only doing it because they care about us.”


“… these muslim readers are so sensitive that all over the internet you can be chopping some guys head of in Syria or Iraq and it will go viral, and recruit hundreds of thousands people around the world to support your cause.”


“… so its starts in Denmark, this peripheral nothing little country up near the arctic circle, then they move to Canada, this peripheral nothing little country up near the arctic circle, next you know, Yale University has turned Connecticut into some obscure peripheral country up near the arctic circle. How far does it have to creep? How far does it have to creep – This is how we loose!”


“People said to me, why are you having it in Copenhagen… Why dont you just hold it on the internet. We can hold it on the internet, but then its just ‘Je suis Charlie’ oh, I got a cute hashtag. Its like when Michelle Obama when the nigerian girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram and she held up a hasthtag on a piece of cardboard. I didn’t even know they worked on cardboards, hashtags, I thought you had to be on a computer to get them to work. Bring back our girl – The hashtags did not work. The girls have alle been sold into sexslavery.”


“Then they said to me, don’t hold it in Copenhagen… Why don’t you hold it in Texas or New Hampshire, where, if someone goes ‘Allah u-Akbar’ everybody will fire back and shoot him dead, and there will be no problem. I kind of like that one to be honest, but I am not prepared to surrender an inch of the civilized world to barbarians, which is the choice we have been faced with.”

“I’ll take the same view to the civilized world as Islam take to the Dar al-Islam. Once we hold this, we hold this forever, and we will not surrender it.”


“They represent us, they do not represent some abstractions like one world multiculturalism, they do not represent foreign people… They represent the citizenry of the nation that they are elected to and one day western leaders will learn that lesson.”


“… all we can do is live as free people, and refuse to accept this malign alliance of soft totalitarians and hard totalitarians telling us we cant live as free people.”


“No matter how many people they kill, it will never be enough because they gonna have to kill everyone. … Live as free people and don’t let the hatespeech-fairies and the islamic enforcers, you know, the good cop bad cop of totalitarism. Don’t let them tell you, that you’re not free. You are free…”