Quo vadis Europe? (af ‘Kate, Warszawa’)

It’s been over 11 years since Poland joined the EU. We’ve gone through a massive transformation, already the second one within just 15 years. The country did change severly, yet, there still seem to be a few issues which remain quite different than in the West. Not just the differences in our sallaries, worse train infrastructure, communist-alike thinking of the certain institutions or… better food.

In Poland we simply can not believe into the current events taking place in the Western Europe. As the second safest country in the entire OECD we are nearly free from the issues which don’t allow many Western Europeans to sleep during the night.

With the lowest ratio of the violence towards women in Europe we can not comprehend why once mighty, even cruel Viking nations allow their daughters to feel afraid at their own homes? Why your medias, police and politicians forgot what are their duties towards the society? Why blond women in Oslo dye their hair, because they can’t stand being bothered all the time by the ‘non-Europeans’?


I am just 23 years old, but I remember when while growing up I would sometimes hear about Scandinavia. Each person who visited it would tell us (kids) some great stories, of how well organised it was, how nice and rightful people there were, that you could even leave your home for the entire day without locking it! As a post-communist society we saw it as a role-model, a vision to which we want to aspire, so we finally abandon all the bad habits brought here by the Soviets. So we also feel safe, richer, more confident. So we learn how to end with the corruption and cronyism.

It is 2016 now and Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic are evidently on a good path. Western Slavic people started coming back from the emmigration, the roads are as good as in France, houses as pretty as in Germany, industry is slowly reborning, we compete with all the worldwide best scientists, technologies and offer great, safe place to live in or to spend the holidays. Seaside, mountains, lakes, great cities, concerts, restaurants, castles, museums? – You name it! Of course, there is still a lot to do, but the future looks really well for us. Finally, it seems that we no longer will have to feel ashamed that we have less. But what will be with our neighbours? Only a fool is happy, when his neighbour is in trouble.

We perfectly know how the stereotypes can be hurtful, how we still have to suffer because once our anti-polish government released to the West a bunch of filthy criminals – to ‘get rid of the problem’. It was easy for them to ‘give’ the entire almost 40 m people nation a label of the moustached, low-lifers, who you can recognize by their vodka addiction or riding away… on your bike. A small group of people managed to destroy the trust of many foreigners for us. Yet, now the new generation of our immigrants has the lowest ratio of crimes (lower even than the locals) everywhere they go, they take the least benefits, work real hard, learn difficult, local languages and fall in love with the places they came to.

Slowly, the things are changing, the Westerners see the Polish name on the doctor’s identificator, they enjoy a pie that baked for them their Slovakian neighbour, whose kids speak Danish/Swedish/Norwegian as good as yours, Scandinavian kids. You seem to be more open towards us, but it did not happen within a day, month, or 2 years. We worked hard from the day ONE to get the trust and prove ourselves. Suddenly, something really bad happened. The Old Europe is facing another crizis, something what as usually hurts the random John Smith the most.

Poland, against her will became a side of this critical situation. We are being called the worst names by the mainstream medias. Nazis, homophobes, xenophobes, bigots, etc. – the question is – why?

Perhaps because we can’t simply stay silent, when somebody tries to force catastophical decisions upon us? The Times are different now. Sweden – the country which once had rosen up from her knees and due to the smart decision became perhaps the best place to live in on the Earth, is now ‘The Capital of Rape’. Their police stopped counting how many no-go zones do the muslims have there, how many assaults on random Swedes took place and most importantly: it is believed that in 15 years Sweden will be… a third world country.

I’ve visited Malmo four times and each time I felt like I must have taken the wrong plane, because the atmosphere there literally spooked me and nearly fully destroyed the vision of Sweden from my childhood’s stories. I only wanted to get away from there to a much safer Copenhagen, or back to Poland as fast as I could.

‘If two equally qualified persons apply for a job at a workplace with few immigrants, the one called Mohammed should get the job’ – did an anti-white, racist muslim man say this? – Turns out that not at all. It was the same woman- a Swedish politician, who said this:

‘I think that’s what makes many Swedes jealous of immigrant groups. You have a culture, an identity, a history, something that brings you together. And what do we have?’

It must mean that 1000 years ago it must have been the Aliens, who would come here on their wooden boats (which btw carried them even to America) to burn our villages. It must have been the Aliens who over 300 years ago came here to fight us.

They lost, but now they are failing not because of Poland, nor any other nation, not even because of the ‘non- European immigrants’ – only because of their own actions.

As an EU’s member Poland tries to be a valuable partner of the other countries, we are grateful for their help in the past and wish to somehow… help others, like here:

Did you hear anything about this in your medias? I don’t think so. Why? Because Ukrainians are not the refugees? Oh, but you say that you know about the ‘Putin’s war in Ukraine’! So why are they different than the Middle Eastern and African ‘refugees’? Well, first of all, 100 procent of them are indeed Ukrainians and we are positive about it, since our borders control is effective. It has been proven that only around 20 procent of the refugees come from the actual war zones…

Ok, yes, but you say that maybe we STILL are the Islamophobes and racists? How about over 83.000 Chechenyan refugees, who Poland has accepted since the 1991? They do look different than us, they are mostly muslims, they ran away from the war. In 1989 Poland stopped being a communist country, we had so little that life here was really tough. Yet, we helped. It seems that we are the Good Samaritan, who does not brag about his achievement, perhaps we should stop being so modest? But what will happen then? If we start a great fuss in the EU just by daring to criticize the mainstream medias?

Polish people share a beautiful, yet tragic history. Once we had the biggest country in Europe, we could defeat any army, we had almost no serious enemies. Yet, something happened. Something similar to this what is happening now in the West. People lost their unity, they would only care about themselves. Everybody wanted to rule, to be The Boss, to ignore the others, to disregard our enemies, to give all the freedoms to the minorities, which never cared about Poland – the most tolerant country in the Old Times. The result was catastrophic, in 1795 Poland disappeared from the map due to The Third Partition of Poland performed by our neighbours.

The Cossacks – minority which lived in Eastern Poland – they had started many uprisings against The Polish Crown, killed many innocents, what happened with them? – Catherine The Second after taking over this part of Poland slaughtered them. What happened with the Jews ? – I think you know. We learned not to count on others to help us and the recent events teach to us to mind our own business – otherwise we will have to face the possible sanctions from the EU.

Perhaps, we will just enjoy the good Times for us? We will shut up about this what is happening in the West – look away. I suppose that it would be sort of the ‘historical justice’. Yeah, sounds easy and comfortable. But Poles don’t like it to be too easy. We sympathize, we see the big picture, we do not agree with this, what is happening now. We do not want it here. We see the simple correlation between certain events. The West thinks of us like we are the Easterners. Russia sees us as the West. The truth is that we are in the Centre.

We really hope that people, who still live in denial will open their eyes and will not give up on their lands, freedoms, achievements, roots, religion and legacy. Do you think that any sane country wants to have a neighbour, which is an Islamic state?


7 svar til “‘Kate, Warszawa’: Quo vadis Europe?”

  1. Peter Pedersen siger:

    Okay teksten er på engelsk, men jeg giver mit indspark på dansk. Polakker er meget stolte af deres land det må man give dem, men polakkerne er også meget selvimodsigende. Polen er et katolsk land, men ikke som hverken Italien eller Spanien, nok går man i Polen meget op i katolske helgener, som man også gør meget i andre katolske lande, men det er paradoksalt, at den Sorte Madonna ses som et bevis på, at guds moder vover over Polen af en overvejende del af befolkningen, men det hyppigste brugte ord i Polen er kurva ! Altså luder.. Man kan sige er det så meget anderledes end, at man i DK ofte siger fanden og sgu? Ja det er det, for i Polen og blandt Polakker er synet på kvinder meget meget anderledes end det er i ikke bare Danmark, men også i andre umiddelbart sammenlignelige europæiske katolske lande. Jeg er gift med en polak og hun har selv og samtlige af hendes 15-20 polske veninder oplevet ikke bare grov vold fra deres tidligere og i nogle tilfælde også nuværende polske mænd, men også hvad vi her i Danmark ikke ville kunne kategorisere som voldtægt! At Polen og polakkerne overordnet skulle være interreseret i at gamble med deres EU medlemskab er helt til grin ! Intet mindre end dybt latterligt og det vil ikke ske medmindre EU går fuldstændigt ned. Det man skal huske med Polen er, at polakkerne på den ene side føler sig som frelst fra kommunisme og nazisme, men på den anden side så ved polakkerne instinktivt, at landets geografiske placering gør, at uroligheder, større politiske omvæltninger og stort set alle krige i Europa og i Rusland betyder at Polen må lide mere end så mange andre både som nation, men også som befolkningsgruppe. I en diskussion med en polak er det meget svært ikke, at komme til den konklusion, at nuvel emigranter fra syd er en trussel, men den konkrete fare fra Rusland og Tyskland hvis der sker større politiske omvæltninger og uro ( allerede tilfældet med Putin hvis du spørger enhver polak) er netop en konkret fare og noget der ikke kan undgås, men ved guds hellige moders barmhjertighed overlever Polen også denne gang… Det er Polen i en nøddeskal, og det er den væsentligste årsag til, at et menneskeliv i Polen vurderes betydeligt lavere end i eksv. Italien og Spanien, for polakkerne er ikke selv i tvivl om, at døden for alvor kommer fra Øst og Vest i langt højere grad end fra mørkemænd fra Syd!

    • Norse Notion No.9 siger:

      “for polakkerne er ikke selv i tvivl om, at døden for alvor kommer fra Øst og Vest i langt højere grad end fra mørkemænd fra Syd!”
      Det er interessant at du selv vet hva polakkene tenker…

      Det store spørsmålet her er etter MIN mening, om man tenker kortsiktig eller langsiktig.
      Selv ikke under Sovjet perioden mistet polakkene eller andre Øst-Europeere sitt land. De led under et tyranni, men befolket selv (i all hovedsak) sitt land.
      Migrantbølgen fra syd derimot, medfører ALLEREDE at det ene Europeiske folk etter det andre, er i ferd med å miste sine land, som de har levd i, i mange hundre gjerne tusenvis av år.

    • Nemo siger:

      Siden du nu kender Polen via din kone – og måske vil du spørge hende for mig – er det et sikkert sted for en dansk kvinde at rejse hen alene som turist?

      • Peter Pedersen siger:

        Ja det er det da umiddelbart hvis man er der som almindelig turist. Straffene er såmænd strenge nok i Polen, og problemet er i højere grad, at hvad det foregår bag hjemmets 4 vægge iķke bliver anmeldt. For 10-15 år siden ville jeg ikke have rejst, som ensom udenlandsk kvinde i Polen, men det er ikke noget problem i dag hvis man bevarer sin sunde fornuft.

  2. Traet siger:

    På facebooksiden “Polakker i Danmark” er der ingen sympati for muslimerne, og med hensyn til polske mænds hustruvold er det ikke noget jeg har hørt om i de kredse vi færdes i.
    Jeg glæder mig over det fuldstændige fravær af synlige muslimer når vi besøger Polen, og håber at det forbliver sådan

    • Peter Pedersen siger:

      Hmm i de kredse i færdes i? Polen underskrev i 2012 EUs konvention om vold mod kvinder, det var før ” lov og retfærdighed ” kom til magten og gæt hvem der ikke ville have, at konventionen blev vedtaget? Jo lov og retfærdighed samt den katolske kirke i Polen! Nu kunne man måske tro, at lov og retfærdigheds modstand mod konventionen skulle deres generelle skepsis overfor EU, men lov og retfærdighed har underskrevet et utal af andre EU konventioner, og ønsker heller ikke udmeldelse af EU. Hver femte polak mener, at vold er almindeligt i familien hvilket svarer til 38% af alle polske familier. 7% af 2000 adspurgte kvinder i alderen 15-23 indrømmer, at kende mindst en familie hvor grove seksuelle overgreb er almindeligt. Polen har abort forbud, men polske kvinder ligger i toppen over tilrejsende til abort klinikker i samtlige EU lande.

  3. Norse Notion No.9 siger:

    Nigel Farage (og andre ) har rett; EU er ikke bare u-demokratisk men ANTI-demokratisk.
    Det beste Polen, Ungarn, UK og andre EU -land kan gjøre, er å forlate EU og sammen med Norge, Island og Sveits, forme en ny samarbeidsorganisasjon som begrenser seg til praktisk handelssamarbeid og lignende.
    Sikkerhetsspørsmål håndteres best gjennom NATO og hører uansett hjemme DER.

    Takk til Kate.