‘Ti personer er blevet skudt i New Yorks subway – efterforskes ikke som terror’, skrev DR Online i tirsdags. Der er ingen opfølgende artikel, hvad indikerer at gerningsmanden ikke deler hudfarve med Anders Breivik. Det viser sig ikke overraskende, at vi har at gøre med en Trumphadende Black Lives Matter-sympatisør, der sågar har flirtet med Nation of Islam. En black supremacist. Detaljer om gerningsmanden fra Heavy.com – Frank R. James, Brooklyn Person of Interest: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know.

“Frank R. James was identified by New York police as the person of interest in the mass shooting inside a Brooklyn subway train during which a green construction-vest clad gunman carrying a .9mm caliber handgun shot 10 people during rush hour. It was a chaotic scene that left bloodied victims lying on the subway platform…

On YouTube, James shared a video in the name ‘prophet oftruth88’ about a slashing and recent violent crimes in the New York subway. …

In another YouTube video, James shared television news reports of a previous mass shooting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at Molson Coors. In that video, James talked about the Molson Coors shooter, Anthony Ferrill, who was Black, saying that gunman was ‘discriminated against’ and ‘no one say and do sh*t’ until he started shooting people. ‘And I’ve dealt with it time and time again.’ He said he was a machinist, calling it the most ‘racist’ trade in the country. He said there were a ‘bunch of racist white mother f******’ in that trade.

‘The vast majority of people, white mother******* are racist,’ he says in that video. …

Heavy has confirmed that Frank James had a Facebook page in the name Frank Whitaker. The page contains images of guns and describes Black nationalism as ‘black unity,’ in addition to criticizing former President Donald Trump and posting about racism.

“James often rails against numerous racial and ethnic groups, including whites, Blacks, Jews, and Latinos. … implies that a race war between whites and Blacks is imminent. In one video, he calls Sept. 11, 2001 ‘the most beautiful day in the history of this country.’ ‘White people and Black people should not have any contact with each other,’ he says in a March 23 video…‘” (Rolling Stone, 13. april 2022)

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