Canadas liberale premierminister Justin Trudeau har pålagt lastbilchauffører, at blive vaccineret hvis de vil krydse grænsen til USA uden at komme i karantæne. Truckernes modsvar kaldes ‘Freedom convoy’. ‘Hundredvis af lastbilchauffører er kørt på tværs af Canada i vaccineprotest’, skrev DR Online, så lad mig citere Daily Mail – Hundreds of Canadians cheer on ‘Freedom Convoy’ of 50,000 truckers driving toward the capital to protest vaccine mandate: Lawmakers are told to ‘lock your doors’ and avoid the protest.

“Hundreds of Canadians have lined a highway to cheer on a 45-mile-long convoy of up to 50,000 truckers who are heading to Ottawa to protest the government’s covid vaccine mandate for drivers crossing the US-Canada border.

The convoy assembled in British Columbia on Sunday, and will arrive in Ottawa by Saturday where they are expected to be joined by other protesters driving from the east and the south of the country. Truckers from the US have also joined the massive convoy. …

‘It’s 70 kilometers long,’ Benjamin Dichter, a spokesman for the Freedom Convoy 2022, told the Toronto Sun after it passed Calgary heading west on Wednesday.”