30.000 stemmer afgjorde presidentvalget i Østerrige. Antall stæmmer der blev forkastet fordi de blev optalt for tidlig, var hele 77.000. Derfor blev valget annuleret.

The court, in its ruling, emphasized that there was no evidence of deliberate manipulation. The mishandled ballots — absentee ballots were opened before the deadline and counted without proper monitoring — appeared mostly the byproduct of sloppy management. The irregularities affected a total of 77,926 votes, more than double the number of ballots that swung the election.

The court also declared that government officials’ practice of leaking information to the media on early results was “unlawful.”

Speaking Friday in Vienna, Hofer cast doubt on whether the ballots had been properly tallied.

“What these people did is beyond my knowledge,” he said.



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