Fathi El-Abed på Facebook, 1. juni 2022

Fathi El-Abed var medstifter af Moderate Muslimer, men der er ingen moderation indenfor islam, og det ser man tydeligt i forhold til den igangværende intifada. Når en 31-årig palæstinensisk kvinde, angriber en soldat med en kniv, så er hun ifølge El-Abed en journalist i færd med ‘lave en radio reportage’ om israelske overgreb. Fra The Times of Israel – IDF soldiers kill Palestinian woman who approached them with knife in West Bank.

“A Palestinian woman armed with a knife approached a soldier stationed in the southern West Bank before being shot and killed, the Israeli military and Palestinian health officials said Wednesday morning.

The Israel Defense Forces said in a statement that the woman was holding the knife in her hand as she neared a soldier close to the Al Aroub refugee camp, south of Bethlehem. …

The Palestinian Authority Health Ministry identified the alleged attacker as Ghufran Haroun Hamed Warasneh, a former security detainee.

A Channel 12 report said the woman had attempted a stabbing attack in the past.”

(Kniven som Ghufran Warasneh angreb med; Foto: IDF)

“The terrorist the IDF killed today was previously arrested as early as 01.01.2022, after she tried to carry out a stabbing attack with a butcher knife in the Cave of the Patriarchs (Hebron) and was imprisoned for several months and was released very recently.” (Uri Gobey, Facebook, 1. juni 2022)