Gode borgerlige ord af Ayaan Hirsi Ali, der kommenterer hos Spectatorworld.com – Wokeness is the return of white supremacy.

“The ideology that now threatens our societies goes by many names: neo-Marxism, intersectionality, Social Justice Theory, Critical Race Theory, anti-racism. I call it ‘wokeism.’ If white supremacists are racist because they put race at the center of all human interaction, what are the woke?The woke also put race at the center of everything and rank human beings into races. They also obsess over degrees of skin color and place brown-skinned people in the middle of the race hierarchy, as ‘white-adjacent.’ For the woke as for the white supremacist, the white-skinned people are on top — only this time, they’re bad…

The woke seek unchecked and absolute power. They are advancing from the academy into the other institutions of society. Our language is constantly policed so that it may be ‘purified’ of bigotry and injustice, defined only as the woke define them. A substitute lexicon describes the reality the woke wish to impose, and it is a contamination of language. You may have heard Wokespeak: microaggressions, safe spaces, equity, diversity, non-binary, inclusive. In America and the rest of the English-speaking world, there is no issue of any significance that can be discussed in a meaningful way without running into woke sabotage. …

Imagine if the federal government were to adopt the language of white supremacy. If states adjusted their orders to the police to suit white supremacist demands. If the US military held training sessions in white-supremacy consciousness. If sports stars used white supremacy gestures. If Hollywood and the media edited or censored their output for the cause, and ran propaganda for white supremacy. If elementary and high schools or universities openly taught the principles of white supremacy. What would this say about the health of our society?

Today, white supremacy is tolerated in none of these institutions. That is a huge milestone. But wokeism is embedded in almost every institution. Anti-racism is the disease that it purports to cure. Its narratives of resentment are dividing us once again by race, weakening our hard-earned freedom and mutual trust, and threatening our children’s future. We have no option but to fight it as we once fought white supremacy.”