Sarah Vaughan (1924-1990) både synger og tar seg av klaveret i dette konsertopptaket. Som mange vil høre, siterer hun også begynnelsen til Sergej Rakhmaninovs ciss-moll-preludium.

Once in a while,
Will you try
To give one little thought to me,
Though someone else may be
Nearer your heart?

Once in a while,
Will you dream
Of the moments
I shared with you,
Moments before we two
Drifted apart?

In love’s smoldering ember,
One spark may remain.
If love still can remember,
That spark may burn again.

I know that I’ll
Be contented with
Yesterday’s memory,
Knowing you think of me
Once in a while.

Nat King Cole (1919-1965)


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