Donald Trump has taken on the whole political and media-establishment in the Western world by uttering the most prohibited sentence in political discourse: Islam hates us.

He said that in an interview with Anderson Cooper from CNN Thursday and CNN kept playing it over and over again, together with a clip of violence against a protester at a Trump-rally. The viewers were left in no doubt about this man’s credibility. This is what you get if you vote for him.

Sometimes the handlers lose control and veer from the script as when CNNs anchor-woman let slip: – Do they want to bring back slavery? The topic being that some of Trumps voters deplore that the South lost the Civil War.

Trump must have carefully calculated his new statement on islam. On such an important time in the nomination process, right before Florida votes.

His statement about denying entry to Muslims until “we have sorted things out” was met with similar disbelief. It was against everything that America stands for, was the unanimous reply. But the voters obviously think otherwise and Trump  and his team must have studied those numbers. Some 50-60 prosent of Republican voters in some primaries have supported his stance, polls tell.


The establishment has been forced on the defensive: What if he should manage to galvanize public opinion behind his anti-muslim stance?

Only, that is not what Trump says. He does not say all Muslims, he does not say all of islam, but he says: We have a problem, and the problem is “they” – meaning so many we have to take notice – “hate us”.

When Anderson Cooper tried to offer him an escape route, asking if he perhaps meant the West was at war with radical islam, not islam itself, Trump did not take take the offer: Trump said, “you cannot differentiate”, it is all part of one big problem.  You cannot draw a line and say on this side they are ok and on the other they bare bad. It is fluid, foggy, intricate, intertwined.

A person who says one thing one moment, which might be good, might say another the next that are ominous. Many people have registered these facts. If they didn’t correspond to facts Trump would have lost his constituency long ago.

He has now upped the ante several times. And this time he crossed the Rubicon. There is no turning back. He is going to stick with his message.

It will change political history if he does, not just in the United States but also in Europe. Especially in Europe his race may have far reaching consequences. Europe is sliding faster and further into the arms of islam than America does, and its leadership seems powerless and paralyzed.

A Trump-victory could change that. Europeans would be forced to reevaluate their premises.

And not just the Europeans: The American establishment that are now doing everything to stop Trump, are losing. If they lose the election a lot of them will have to go and a lot will have to change.

If Trump should pull it off, it will be because the American people wants him to. It will then be apparent that the media and establishment have been running against the people. Not Trump.

That won’t do.

Trump has already changed the rules of the game.

He might change the game.