Stephen Brown opridser en række tyske kilder, og argumenterer for, at nytårsaften i Køln var andet og mere end et angreb på kvindernes frihed. Det var et angreb på den tyske Kristenhed, på Tyskland. En kulturel magtdemonstration, så at sige. Fra Frontpage Mag – The Cologne Cathedral under attack.

“It is the symbol of a city, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the most recognised and greatest symbol of German Catholicism and Gothic architecture. But that didn’t save Germany’s world-renowned Cologne Cathedral from a prolonged, humiliating and deafening assault from fireworks during last New Year’s Eve mass to mark the year’s end. …

Shock-Werner believes the religious service was deliberately ‘targeted for disruption’ due to the attack’s timing. The mass took place between 6:30 p.m. and 7:45 p.m., which, she said, ‘is actually no time to be already shooting off New Year’s rockets in such great volume.’ …

Ten days after the New Year’s sexual assaults and cathedral attack, Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas stated these crimes were planned. …

German journalist Andreas Rossman supports Maas’s assumption, although police have produced no evidence that proves this. Nevertheless, Cologne’s citizens are still left wondering why their city was singled out for the numbing display of sexual violence that evening.

Rossman believes the answer lies with the Cologne Cathedral itself. … None of these other locations, however, and nowhere else in Germany for that matter, possesses a ‘more imposing, picture powerful background as this Gothic cathedral.’ …

‘The Cathedral was being used as background scenery, which reflects still other messages: that it concerns a strike against the culture of the European city as a meeting place and individual freedom, and that the attack was directed against the (Catholic) Church …,’ Rossman states.

Besides acts of sexual and religious terrorism meant to break down German society, the attacks against the women and the cathedral were also a show of Islamic power. Women and religious minorities can be terrorised by Muslim mobs just like in Islamic countries. Their reach is growing.

But perhaps the most important message the New Year’s Eve events were meant to convey was directed at Muslims living in Germany and the Islamic world. And the message is that Germany cannot protect either its women or its religion. It is weak.

In fact, German Christians are so feeble that one of their greatest cathedrals suffered a humiliating attack during a religious service, presided over by one of Germany’s highest churchmen, without consequences. And by publicly molesting such large numbers of infidel women so boldly and brazenly without retaliation, German men are shown as equally weak.

But, just as important, the women’s molestation without retaliation showed that German men were also without ‘honour’. And honour is an esteemed concept among Muslim men, who kill female family members for the slightest sexual impropriety, real or imagined, to restore their ‘honour’.

As a result of this feebleness and lack of honour, Germany deserves and is ready for conquest. It is easy pickings.

… New Year’s was just a sampling.”