Demonstrationen fandt sted weekenden 5.-6. februar

00:04 Those who are unbelieving spend their possessions to keep from Allah’s way.
00:12 They will push him away and thereupon it will be a sorrowful remorse for them.
00:18 Thereupon they will be defeated and those who are unbelievers will be gathered in Hell.
00:25 [Shouts of Takbir!]
00:28 In the schools, they uncover our children during swimming lessons at school.
00:33 The closure of Islamic kindergartens and schools and much more.
00:37 Precisely those actions and rituals that make up every Muslim
00:43 and that actually define his being as a Muslim and distinguish him from non-Muslims
00:48 have become items that have to be prohibited.
00:52 But Muslims also know that these vile creatures who dare to rebuke the Koran
00:58 are now trying to rebuke the Koran [by saying] that these are blessed acts.
01:03 They are in fact part of an agenda of incitement against Islam and assimilation
01:09 being carried out for decades by Western states.
01:12 [Sign] “Their hatred makes them: ‘Deaf, Mute, Blind,’
01:15 so they don’t turn back (to the right path). [02;18]
01:18 As if it weren’t enough for them to pillory our Islamic actions.
01:25 They want us to, so to speak, discard our Islamic ideas,
01:32 our views, our values, our convictions, our outlook on life, our Imam.
01:41 From the crowd: “Takbir!” “Allahu Akhbar!”
01:48 [Sign] “The future belongs to the Koran”
02:09 [In German: “Muslims, don’t be silent!”]
02:19 [Shouting in Arabic, including “Takbir!” and “Allahu Akhbar!”]
03:19 [Sign] “Stop the double standard. Stop the masquerade.”
04:22 [Sign] “The future belongs to the Koran.