Islamisk Stat-jihadisters børn, al-Hawl-lejren, kurdisk Syrien, feb. 2021; Foto: The Sun

Tilbage i 2019 bragte jeg her på siden en historie fra al-Hol-lejren i Syrien, hvor alle angiveligt støttede Islamisk Stat. “I skal frygte den næste generation og den næste generation igen”, sagde en kvinde, der bar sin søn på skulderen. Her en reportage fra engelske The Sun, der har været på besøg i al-Hawl-lejren, og talt med internerede – Kids in Shamima Begum’s former camp vow to join ISIS and ‘kill non-believers’ as terror group launches bloody comeback (26. februar 2021).

“Chilling footage shows kids in Shamima Begum’s former refugee camp al-Hawl insisting they want to fight for ISIS and kill ‘non-believers’. … Shot by documentary filmmaker Alan Duncan, the exclusive footage shows kids in the ragtag facility raising one finger in the air – a gesture which is synonymous with jihadis.

When asked why they are making the sign, one child says: ‘This means the Islamic State remains.’

The boys are then asked if they want to be doctors or teachers when they are older, to which one replies: ‘We don’t want to be doctor. We want to be brother fighter.

Asked why, they reply: ‘We want to fight the apostates (non believers).’

Another says: ‘We want to fight Rawafed (rejectors) and the Kurds.’

In the video, a woman dressed in a black burka told Alan and his interpretor that she wanted the children in the camp to become ‘jihadists’ to ‘fight the infidels.’

The camp – run by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces – holds people who fled ISIS as well as the wives and children of the extremist fighters.”