‘International Rescue Committee UK’ har fået Gary Lineker til at medvirke i en video, der lidt i stil med SAS’ oikofobiske reklame, forklarer at Fish & chips i virkeligheden er kommet til England med ‘refugees’. 25 har givet videoen en ‘thumbs up’, hele 2700 det modsatte.

Fra The Mirror.


Fra The Mirror.

“Gary’s commitment to refugees led him to make a video for the ­International Rescue Committee charity on fish and chips. It is not as strange as it sounds.

This most typical of British foods was introduced here in the 16th century by Jewish refugees from Spain and Portugal fleeing ­persecution by the Spanish Inquisition.

Gary explains: ‘Most of the things we think of as quintessentially British are often brought infrom different shores. Even St George is Turkish.

I just think we owe a lot to ­refugees, and most people are descended from refugees at some point.

‘They have given so much to this country and still continue to do…’”