Pere Jacques Hamel blev dræbt af jihadister midt under messen 26. juli 2016. Da terroristerne kom ind sagde Hamel: Djævlen er her.

En migrant stormede ind i kirken i den italienske byen Pescara lørdag sidste weekend, midt undre messen og forlangte penge af menigheden. Det kunne have gået rigtigt galt, hvis det ikke var for en mand der greb ind.

The incident occurred Saturday afternoon at the church of the Sacred Heart of Pescara at around 5:30pm and saw the suspect, described as a non-European Union foreigner, harass parishioners during the liturgy whilst getting increasingly more aggressive, Il Giornale reports.

After the parishioners refused to give the migrant money, he began to get angry, according to witnesses, and started shouting insults and threatening people. The young man is also said to have directly targeted the priest and several nuns who were also present.

Manden var særlig aggressiv mod præsten.

“There were ten minutes of tension. The priest was almost physically assaulted. No one reacted angrily and most of those present, mostly elderly women, remained petrified with fear,” local artist and witness to the incident Giuliano Cotellessa said.

“If it hadn’t been for the courageous intervention of some gentlemen it could have ended very badly,” Cotellessa added.

Episoder som denne er blevet mere almindelige.

Earlier this year in Germany, a similar case occurred when a Somali migrant stormed a Munich church during an Easter service. The 36-year-old shouted at the people inside the church and threw stones at them as well.

“I heard someone screaming loudly. The church was full of visitors. People have thrown themselves anxiously on the ground, others have run and stumbled. Children screamed,” one witness said.

Det mest brutale angreb hidtil var da to jihadister gik ind i en kirke i Nord-Frankrig og skar halsen over på præsten Jacques Hamel.

Dertil  bliver vandalisme mod kirker og kristne bygninger stadig mere almindelige  Vesteuropa.

Migrant Storms Church During Mass Demanding Cash