Labours leder, Jeremy Corbyn, i spidsen for en anti-Israel demo


Antisemitismen er en indgroet del af venstrefløjens intellektuelle og emotionelle habitus i hele Europa, som den danser kinddans med islam. Især i det engelske parti Labour, hvor det er hvor det er stukket helt af, nu Jeremy Corbyn er leder. I sommer skrev Daily Mail at Corbyn, som enhver god socialist, “personally has spent a political lifetime courting mass murderers in the Middle East” mens han har angrebet alt engelsk og anstændigt i en lang læseværdig og informativ artikel, fyldt med research jeg ikke selv orker at lave. Om antisemitismen skriver avisen:

After Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour presenter Emma Barnett last week exposed Corbyn’s inability to cost Labour’s childcare policy, his supporters targeted her with anti-Semitic abuse. One Twitter user called her a ‘Zionist shill [stooge]’.

Perhaps this is not surprising, considering that Corbyn himself has called Hamas, the terror group whose charter called on followers to kill Jews, his ‘friends’.

Over the years, Corbyn has visited Palestine courtesy of Interpal, a charity banned in the U.S. for alleged terror links. He’s attended events run by Paul Eisen, a convicted Holocaust denier.In 1982, Corbyn’s London Labour Briefing magazine compared Israel to Holocaust-era Germany, saying: ‘The parallels between Kristallnacht [a night of anti-Jewish violence in Germany in 1938] and the Holocaust now being visited on the Palestinians is all too clear.’

More recently, he wrote an article in Socialist Campaign News calling Israeli premier Ariel Sharon a ‘hated butcher’.

The following year, he visited the Middle East, writing that ‘Gaza was like entering an open prison’ and accused the Israeli army of ‘wanton destruction’.

On his return, Corbyn addressed an anti-Israel rally in London attended by hundreds of members of banned extremist group Al-Muhajiroun. An account of the event in the Weekly Worker noted that demonstrators clad in fake suicide vests chanted ‘gas, gas Tel Aviv’.

In 2013, he wrote to the Foreign Office criticising ‘Israel’s criminal politicians’ and the following year he wrote in the Morning Star of attending a ceremony in Tunisia where ‘wreaths were laid’ on the graves of terrorists responsible for the 1972 massacre of Israelis at the Munich Olympics.

Corbyn (der engang bebrejdede et Melodi Granprix nederlag for at være et resultat af alliancen med USA) har også doneret penge til ovennævnte Holocaust benægter Eisen, skriver Tablet Magazine i deres version af Corbyns synderegister, som han har inviteret en 9/11 konspirationsteoretiker til at holde et foredrag om, hvorledes jøderne stod bag angrebet.

George Galloway erklærede foran det palæstinensiske flag, den meget muslimske bydel Bradford West for “Israel-free zone“. Og under den seneste valgkamp paraderede Jeremy Corbin fans kæmpe plakater med premierminister Theresa “without-its-Muslims,-Britain-would-not-be-Britain” Mays kontrafej med påtegnede Davidsstjerneøreringe. Alan Dershowitz beklagede derfor i Algemeiner, at Corbyn klarede sig så godt i valgkampen, om det var på truds eller grund af den galoperende antisemitisme og bemærkede


One of the biggest criticisms of what has been referred to as the “Corbynization” of British politics has been the mainstreaming of traditional antisemitism. The country’s Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, has also chimed into the conversation, calling the Labour party’s antisemitic problem “severe.” Consider, the bigotry of Gerald Kaufman (now deceased), for example – a Labour veteran and close political associate of Corbyn – who touted conspiracies about Jews and Jewish money throughout his political career. When speaking at a pro-Palestinian event Kaufman said: “Jewish money, Jewish donations to the Conservative Party – as in the general election in May – support from the Jewish Chronicle, all of those things, bias the Conservatives.” While Corbyn condemned these remarks, he refused to yield to widespread demands for disciplinary action against Kaufman.


The hard left in Britain, especially among union activists and academics, include many knee jerk opponents of the nation state of the Jewish people and many supporters of academic and cultural boycotts of Israel. Many such supporters favor trade and engagement with such massive human rights offenders as Iran, Cuba, China, Russia, Belarus and Venezuela. Indeed, it is antisemitic to single out only the nation state of the Jewish people – the Middle East’s only democracy and a nation with one of the world’s best records of human rights, the rule of law and concern for enemy civilians — for boycotts.

Corbyn himself has called for boycotts of Israel. He has advocated for an arms embargo citing Israel’s supposed “breach” of the human rights clause of the EU-Israel trade agreement. Corbyn also supports academic boycotts in some instances, and when Israel’s national soccer team was travelling to Cardiff, Wales, for a qualifying game for the European Championship, Corbyn led calls for a boycott only of the soccer team representing the nation state of the Jewish people. (Ironically, Israel only plays in this league as it was expelled from the Asian Football Confederation due to the Arab League’s boycott.) Moreover, Corbyn has been a vocal supporter of the so-called Palestinian right of return stating that the Palestinians’ “right to return home” is “the key” to the solution. This would soon make Arabs the majority within Israel and Jews the ethnic minority, rendering the two-state solution completely obsolete.

En af Corbyns ‘rising stars’ muslimske Naz Shah, har sagt at “a ‘solution’ to the Middle East conflict is to ‘relocate Israel into the United States’” og mindede om ““Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”” (Det var samme Shah, der likede og retweetede et ironisk tweet, der lød “Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity”. De benævnte piger i Rotherham var ofre for en muslimsk, mestendels pakistansk pædofilring, der nåede at voldtage 1.400 teenage piger, mens myndighederne ikke ville gribe ind, for the good of diversity.). Men da hun var tvunget af partiets officielle politik, til at anerkende Israels ret til at eksistere på et vælgermøde, svarede basen igen med at råbe “Jew, Jew, Jew!“.

Ah, basen, som Brendal O’Niell beskrev i Telegraph, den som Corbyn fisker i

Just compare the huge 2003 Hyde Park demo against the Iraq War with the recent London demos against Israel’s attack on Gaza. The former had an air of resignation; it expressed a mild, middle-class sense of disappointment with Tony Blair, through safe, soft slogans like “Not In My Name”. The latter, by contrast, have been fiery and furious, with screeching about murder and mayhem and demands that the Israeli ambassador to the UK be booted out. Some attendees have held up placards claiming that Zionists control the British media while others have accused both London and Washington of “grovelling” before an apparently awesomely powerful Israeli Lobby.

This is a recurring theme in anti-Israel sentiment today: the idea that a powerful, sinister lobby of Israel lovers has warped our otherwise respectable leaders here in the West, basically winning control of Western foreign policy. You see it in cartoons depicting Israeli leaders as the puppet masters of politicians like William Hague and Tony Blair. You can hear it in Alexi Sayle’s much-tweeted claim that the “Western powers” kowtow to Israel because they are “frightened of it… frightened of the power that it wields”. You can see it in the arguments of John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt in their popular book The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy, which holds an apparently super-powerful pro-Israel lobby in the heart of Washington responsible for the Iraq War and all other kinds of disasters. The claim is often made that Israel has corrupted Western officials, commanding them to carry out its dirty work.

Sound familiar? Yes, this has terrible echoes of the old racist idea that Jewish groups controlled Western politics and frequently propelled the world into chaos – an idea that was especially popular in the early to mid-20th-century Europe.

Londons tidligere borgmester Ken Livingstone “who had falsely claimed that Adolf Hitler was a Zionist and that the Zionist movement collaborated with the Nazis.” Det faldt 100 af Labours daværende 229 parlamentsmedlemmer så meget for brystet at de skrev under på “Not in Our Name”, en fordømmelse af deres eget parti, for ikke at straffe Livingstone nok. De 129 andre ville tilsyneladende gerne lægge navn til. I dag er Londons borgmester muslim, hvilket er ‘part and parcel‘ af Englands udvikling.

TV direktør i BBC Danny Cohn luftede for et par år siden derfor også sin ængstelse over jøders fremtid i England, kun uger forinden en BBC journalist sammenlignede Israels behandling af palæstinenserne med Holocaust – lige op i ansigtet på en Holocaustoverlevende. Og, som Josh Glancy skriver i Tablet Magazine, jøder “don’t feel comfortable sitting in a room where people applaud a call for Israel’s destruction”, hvorfor forholdet til venstrefløjen syntes mere og mere umuligt

When liberal British Jews see anti-Israel marchers holding signs saying “Jews back to the gas” and “Hitler was right” and they don’t hear loud and universal condemnation of such bile from the left, they begin to fear that there is another agenda there that is not about social justice. They sense anti-Semitism.

Yet for many British Jews, the vehemence of leftist anti-Zionism—minus the Nazi slogans—is a problem, too. When liberal British Jews hear of organizations like the PSC applauding a call to destroy Balfour’s damned legacy, that doesn’t feel like a constructive critique of Israel and its policies—the kind that could be justly leveled at both Britain and America in recent history; it feels like blind rage and deep loathing.

Because here’s the thing that is rarely said: If your anti-Zionism is such that you hate Israel’s very existence, then for most British Jews the effect of this is similar to anti-Semitism, because to a greater or lesser extent, most British Jews are Zionists, meaning that they believe that the project of collective Jewish existence is a legitimate one, or as legitimate as the existence and aspirations of any other nation, including the Palestinians. And because Israel is the Jewish state, British Jews take Israel-hatred personally. Asking them to disavow their affiliation to Israel in order to maintain their liberalism therefore presents an agonizing choice.

Og hvad taler de så om indbyrdes, Labourkammeraterne? Daily Mail afslører lidt af deres interne korrespondence

One member wrote: ‘I see the corrupt “master race” side-stepped into this graphic,’ to which another replied: ‘Lol [laugh out loud] be careful you might get accused of being anti-semitic.’

This led to a discussion about ‘paid disinfo agents’ and Blairites ‘running to the MSM [mainstream media]’ with mention of the Zionism ‘problem’. ‘Just look at who owns what,’ one said.

And another Labour member simply tweeted: ‘Every f****** Jew that died in the Holocaust was a blessing. Imagine how bad the world would be now if 6 million more of them had survived?’ Accompanying notes to the slides make the point that Labour members often end up sharing comments from the far-Right because they agree with their comments on Israel.

‘Labour people often end up tweeting proper Nazis either by ignorance or because they fall for their posts on Israel/Palestine. Holocaust denial and revisionism now also being seen on the Left,’ it said.

The notes also said that ‘denial of anti-semitism is known as the Livingstone formulation’ in a reference to comments by former London mayor Ken Livingstone in which he said that anyone critical of Israel was accused of anti-semitism.

Elder of Ziyon har fundet nogle af populære tegninger, de deler indbyrdes







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  1. Jens Ellekær siger:

    Det er en mærkværdig sympati for islam, der udgår fra de røde, og den må jo virkelig frustrere Karl Marx i hans socialistiske himmel, som jo i sin indledning til ”Kritk af den hegelske retsfilosofi” jo skrev, at ”den religiøse elendighed er på en gang udtryk for og protest mod den virkelige elendighed”. Mærkværdigheden er ikke desto mindre af nyere karakter: Engang var europas socialister optaget af den panarabiske nationalisme, således som den personificeredes af Gamal Abdel Nasser, og af den arabiske Baath-socialisme i Syrien og Irak. Men sidstnævnte er jo blevet alvorligt miskrediteret af Saddam Hussein og Assad-dynastiet.

    Det er vanskeligt ikke at se de venstreorienteredes fremme af islam, således som det kommer til udtryk i støtten til islamisk indvandring og i udsagn fra personer som ekskommunist Federica Mogherini, der i 2015 udtalte, at ”islam hører til i Europa”, som et målrettet angreb mod de to søjler, som i hvert fald frem til forrige århundredeskifte bar den europæiske kultur: det antikke Grækenland og kristendommen. Men de røde har vel altid ønsket at nedbryde den europæiske kultur med det formål at skabe ”det ny menneske”.

    Den anden side af islamdyrkelsen er den genopvakte europæiske antisemitisme. Efter det nazistiske Tysklands folkemord på Europas jøder og frem til få årtier siden, havde mange nok troet, at den antisemitisme for altid var manet i jorden eller dog fortrængt til eksempelvis stalinistiske miljøer, til Polen eller til højreradikale grupperinger i Frankrig. Men det, der nærmest må betegnes som den europæiske arvesynd, viser nu stadig mere åbenlyst sit uskønne ansigt.

    Det er ikke ejendommeligt, hvis Europas tilbageblevne jøder begynder at spørge sig selv, om der vil være en fremtid for jøder og jødedommen i Europa, for den europæiske antisemitisme har en historie, der er adskillige hundrede år ældre end islams. Her er linket til artiklen ”Fra jødefjendskab til antisemitisme — et historisk overblik”, som giver en kortfattet introduktion til denne historie: http://www.ellekar.dk/Media/Artikler/Fra_joedefjendskab_til_antisemitisme.pdf