Efter at det havde påtaget sig ansvaret for Brussel-angrebet, sendte IS ny besked, hvor den bad eftersøgte celler ligge lavt og sagde, at der er flere og værre angreb i vente.


Soon after the Amaq report, ISIS issued another official statement in French and Arabic noting «a secret cell of the soldiers of the Caliphate» targeted «places chosen with precision» in Brussels.

ISIS promised the «Crusader states» even more «dark days in response to their aggresion against our state. And what awaits you will be harder and more bitter, with the permission of Allah.»

Separately, in a message to ISIS supporters in Belgium, a tech team from the terror group warned «brothers in Belgium» to take care to avoid detection and use encryption if being on the Internet is necessary.

«Stay away from social media websites, don’t share any information with your brothers right now,» the message said. «…Try to change your location as soon as possible and don’t tell anyone about your location» as authorities «will work all day and night to catch any jihadi in Belgium.»



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