‘USA henretter udviklingshæmmet mand trods appel fra paven’, skriver TV2 Online (v/ journalist Marwa Mezouri), og man undrer sig over vinklen. De kunne også have skrevet ‘Sort mand henrettet for tredobbelt drab’. Detaljer hos The U.S. Sun – Ernest Lee Johnson beat victim until ‘brain was partly missing’ & his tumor is ‘karma,’ her family say on execution day.

“Ernest Lee Johnson, 61, is scheduled to die by injection at the Missouri state prison in Bonne Terre after killing three store workers during a closing-time robbery in 1994. …

Johnson was convicted of killing Bratcher, 46, as well as her colleagues Mable Scruggs, 57, and Fred Jones, 58, at Casey’s General Store in Columbia in February 1994.

He had wanted money to buy drugs, authorities said.

Lorrie added: “Since no one wants to talk about the real victims in this.

‘Her name was Mary Bratcher. It was my mother. She was a good person. She was all I had. She was pure joy. And you took her from me.

‘He: 1, planned a robbery he visited the store seven times that day. Casing the joint. Asking how many people would be working. Getting two young men to get him a gun.

‘2, He executed the robbery. While in the commission of a crime he beat 3 people to death with a hammer.

‘He tried to hide and burn all the incriminating evidence. …

All three workers were beaten to death with a claw hammer.

Bratcher also was stabbed at least 10 times with a screwdriver and Jones was shot in the face. The bodies were hid in a cooler.”


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