CNN-reporter Kaitlan Collins til Biden-administationens talskvinde Jen Psaki, 12. juli 2021)

Enkelte danske medier har fundet tid til at skrive om de igangværende demonstrationer i kommunistiske Cuba. “‘Ned med diktaturet!’ lød det blandt andet fra flere af demonstranterne.”, ifølge DR Online. CNN-korrespondent Kaitlan Collins valgte at give Trump skylden, og kritisere Biden for at ikke droppe Trumps økonomiske sanktioner. Set hos The Post Millennial – WATCH: CNN reporter blames Trump for Cuba’s protests—not the communist regime.

“At the White House press briefing Monday, a CNN reporter blamed Trump for the anti-communism protests in Cuba, instead of the island’s communist regime.

CNN’s chief White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins noted how President Joe Biden’s press statement Monday on the Cuba protests described a call for relief from ‘the tragic grip of the pandemic.’ Collin pivoted to question why current sanctions that were put in place by Trump have not been changed by Biden.

‘So why is the Biden administration continuing that policy?’ Collins asked, emphasizing that exiles cannot send aid to family still living in Cuba.

… Dissatisfied with the vague response, Collins live tweeted Psaki’s reply. ‘The White House offers no update on any changes to the administration’s Cuba policy. President Biden promised on the campaign trail to reverse the restrictive measures put in place by former President Trump,’ she wrote on Twitter.

After the weekend uprisings in Cuba when citizens of the nation took to the streets to demand liberty and freedom, the Biden administration claimed at the same White House presser that recent efforts had more to do with concerns over the rise in COVID-19 cases on the island than an impassioned desire for regime change.

‘I would say that when people are out there in the streets protesting, and complaining about the lack of access to economic prosperity, to the medical supplies they need, to the life they deserve to live, that can take on a range of meanings. There’s a global pandemic right now, most people on the ground don’t have access to vaccines, that’s something we’d love to help with,’ White House press secretary Jen Psaki answered Fox News journalist Peter Doocy.”