Breitbart har set nærmere på Europakommissionens såkaldte ‘EuroBarometer’. Det viser sig at befolkningerne i de 28 EU-lande betragter indvandring som klart det største problem for EU. Fra Breitbart – Europeans More Concerned About Immigration Than Climate Change, Despite Massive Media Attention (via Snaphanen)

“The European Commission’s Eurobarometer survey, a twice-annually inquiry into the opinions of over 27,000 Europeans asked people in 33 countries what their main concerns were for the European Union, and found worries over immigration to be the clear winner. Some 34 per cent of Europeans said immigration was one of their top concerns in 2019, putting the issue comfortably ahead of the competition for another year.

Immigration has been the top concern of the European people in every Eurobarometer but one for the past nine surveys and after a decline following a peak during the 2015 migrant crisis has remained reasonably stable since, experiencing its first major fall this year since 2016. More volatile has been worry about terrorism, which has peaked and troughed along with the intensity of radical Islamic terror attacks against European cities, rising to a first-place 44 per cent concern in 2017 to a joint third place 18 per cent two years later.

High levels of concern about immigration, generally perceived to be an issue cared about by the political right, beating the generally left-linked issue of climate change comes despite the significant and ongoing preoccupation with the environment demonstrated by the mainstream media.”