I Atlanta vandaliserede venstrefløjsaktivister en fredsskulptur i Piedmont Park fordi de troede det var en konføderationsfigur. En statue af tidligere præsident Theodore Rosevelt kræves fjernes fra American Museum of Natural History i New York, fordi Roosevelt skulle have været racist. Af samme årsag er en studerende begyndt at samle underskrifter for at få ændret navnet på James Madison Memorial High School i Wisconsin – tanken om at Madison var slaveejer skaber et utrygt rum. Negerfortaleren Al Sharpton mener ikke det er det offentliges opgave at subsidiere fornærmende udtryk som The Jefferson MemorialEt museum for borgerkrigen må lukke fordi konføderationens kampflag er stødende.

“Make no mistake” skriver Daniel Horowitz i Conservative Review “whether you care about history or monuments or not, this effort is not coming from a good place and is not headed in a safe direction”

Let’s not forgot this is the same crowd that is tearing down the Ten Commandments and removing separate-gender bathrooms. All of this is part and parcel of a de-civilization agenda that desecrates every bit of our history, traditions, and commonsense values. It is truly regressive at its core.

The only thing this agenda will accomplish is rejuvenating the dark forces that were thankfully dormant until recently and turn a once innocuous and even inspirational heritage of reconciliation into a flashpoint for the worst elements on all sides of the political and social spectrum.

“Where does this end?” spørger Kyle Smith i stærkt Trumpkritiske National Review og lægger sig på linje med præsidenten selv. Kyle er ingen fortaler for konføderationsstatuer og minder om at mange af dem, blev rejst for at håne sorte amerikanere i perioden med borgerretsbevægelsen. Men han advarer mod at lade randgrupper bestemme, om det så er ved negative valg, ved at man ikke vil tillade nynazister at forsamles om dem og at lade sig rive af med en stemning


Listen to the way the Left talks about the statues: “The truth is that the desperation to preserve this particular ‘heritage’ and ‘past’ is a facade for something more malignant,” wrote Christine Emba in the Washington Post. “It’s privileged status, not history, that’s being protected.” If this is a war on symbols of “privileged status,” it can never end.

Indeed og venstrefløjen burde gribe i egen barm, skriver Daniel J Flynn i Breitbart

The history of American socialism, until fairly recently, was a history of American racism.

New Harmony, the 1820s Indiana commune founded by the man credited with coining the term “socialism,” banned African Americans. Karl Marx, Margaret Sanger, and John Reed all used the N-word to refer to black people in correspondence. The Communist Party supported the internment of Japanese and relocation of Japanese Americans during World War II. W.E.B. Du Bois, kicked out of the NAACP he helped found by embracing black separatism in the 1930s, traveled to the Third Reich in 1936 only to return to the United States to pen an article entitled “The German Case Against Jews” that uncritically repeated justifications for the persecution of Jews by Hitler.

Victor Berger, the first member of the Socialist Party elected to Congress, openly endorsed white supremacy.

“There can be no doubt that the negroes and mulattoes constitute a lower race—that the Caucasian and indeed even the Mongolian have the start on them in civilization by many thousand years—so that negroes will find it difficult ever to overtake them,” Berger opined. “The many cases of rape which occur whenever negroes are settled in large numbers prove, moreover, that the free contact with the whites has led to the further degeneration of the negroes, as well as all other inferior races.”


I Danmark skammer vi os ikke over vores blodtørstige, slaveholdende, drikfældige og civilisationstruende forfædre, muntert rejsende i plyndring og voldtægt som de var.



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