Denne sangen er først nedtegnet i en notebok fra 1583, og benyttet i fjerde akt av Shakespeares Othello, der den synges av Desdemona. Men Othello ble ikke publisert før i 1604. så det er ikke sikkert at teksten er skrevet av The Bard.

Fremførelsen er ved Meredith Hall,sopran, og Jacob Heringman, lutt.

The poor soul sat sighing
By a sycamore tree,
Sing willow, willow, willow,
Wth his hand in his bosom
And his head upon his knee,
Oh, willow, willow, willow,
Shall be my garland.
Sing all a green willow,
Aye me, the green willow
Must be my garland.

He sighed in his singing
And made a great moan,
Sing, etc.
I am dead to all pleasure,
My true love he is gone, etc.
The mute bird sat by him
Was made tame by his moans, etc.
The true tears fell from him
Would have melted the stones.
Sing etc.

Come all you forsaken
And mourn you wth me.
Who speaks of a false love?
Mine’s falser than she.
Sing etc.
Let Love no more boast her
In palace nor bower;
It buds but it blasteth
Ere it be a flower.
Sing etc.

Thou fair and more false,
I die with thy wound.
Thou hast lost thy truest lover
That goes upon the ground.
Sing [etc.]
Let nobody chide her,
Her scorns I approve.
She was born to be false
And I to die for love.
Sing etc.

Take this for my farewell
And latest adieu;
Write this on my tomb
That in love I was true


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